Multicultural Geek Festival - The Geek Impulse Foundation
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The GIF Multicultural Geek Festival’s Mission:

The GIF creates the venues and resources required to elevate the work of Multicultural creators seeking recognition of mainstream GEEK CULTURE for their work. We accomplish this through putting on annual events such as film screenings, exhibitions, an annual film festival, a filmmaker seminar, a film production lab, and a journal of visual culture, among other things. These programs give artists the chance to develop sustainable collaboration methods with other artists, audiences, financiers, and distributors.

To imagine a new world, we prioritize visionary art that is experimental in its aesthetics, content, and form. We highlight the wide range of aesthetics, narrative, and experiences that artists who are neglected, ignored, or misunderstood provide. We introduce that work to new audiences and place it in conversation with other works from the past and present. Every part of our events is carefully curated to be deliberate community-building activities, bringing together various audiences in a Multicultural-led space based on happiness and prosperity.

The Geek Impulse Foundation Multicultural Festival

Tentative Date for our first annual Multicultural Geek Festival: August 19th-21st 2022

Location: TBA

Submission Rules:

  • Film: Short, Indie, Animation – Must be Sci-fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Apocalyptic
  • Gaming: Indie, Any
  • Art: Comic book, manga artists/creators, Futuristic Design (Architecture, Smart City Design, Industrial)

A one -time Tax Deductible Donation for participating creators of $25 (non-refundable) will need to be submitted with application. A receipt will be given for each donation.

Photo Credit: Martin Sanchez

To be a Sponsor of the festival, please contact [email protected] for all inquiries. Below are some but not all events that will be taking place at the Geek Impulse Foundation Multicultural Geek Festival.

  • V.I.P. event(s) – Mixers, Concert, Celebrity Speakers, and a cosplay runway competition.
  • Interactive – Gaming Industry Panel / Workshops, Film Industry Panel / Workshops
  • Vendors – Must be at least 51% minority owned (pricing Varies so please contact [email protected]com for more details)

We look forward to your support of our first annual Multicultural Geek Festival as well as future even dedicated to Veterans and Active-Duty Service members and family. Applications must be submitted as well as all donations by the July 4th Deadline. Application submissions will open April 19th.