The Grand Master Jeff Goldblum is Still Alive in Avengers?



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Jeff Goldblum recently turned heads when he gave the reason for his shirt of in the original Jurassic Park film. Well he is at it again. Jeff Goldblum explains that the Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok is very much alive. In his promotion of the upcoming Jurassic Park film he was interviewed by Digital Spy. Goldblum was asked about the Grandmaster and his fate post-Infinity War. The actor responded in his typical quirky and very Goldblum-ish way. He explained: 


Grandmaster is more superheroed than all of them put together. You can’t kill me, I’m like a vampire. I’m deathless and I can kill people by looking at them. Or I can resurrect them just by looking at them and thinking of them. I can do everything. Being able to do all of that, all I want to do is play gamesSo really I’m everywhere and nowhere. I’m like Keyser Söze.




At the very least, it sounds like Goldblum could pop up in another MCU movie down the line. Even if the Grandmaster was taken out at the end of Infinity War, the deaths from the Gauntlet probably aren’t going to stick. If Goldblum wants to come back to the MCU, The Grandmaster will have survived Thanos’ attack or just return with Peter Parker, T’Challa and the rest in Avengers 4.



Do you think that the Jeff Goldblum will come back in a big way for Avengers 4? If he comes back do you think he will be all powerful or just a powerless charismatic god like figure? Let us discuss below. 





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