The Honest Rise of Skywalker Review… ( No Spoilers )

The Honest Rise of Skywalker Review... ( No Spoilers ) 1

Well, its finally here, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker has hit theaters. After the mixed reactions of The Last Jedi, The looming question remains. Will this movie deliver and put a close to the saga in a way that fans will appreciate? I was lucky t to see it in theaters during opening weekend and gave myself some time to arrange my thoughts about this movie. I will tell you I was not a fan of The Last Jedi, I felt the story and execution of the story were not compelling. I won’t go into full detail of why but due to that movie I went to The Rise of Skywalker with low expectations. I have watched every movie since childhood and I must see it through to the end.

Don’t Worry! I will keep this Spoiler-free!!!

The Story and Pacing
These two aspects go hand in hand. There are many moving parts in this movie. From the overall plot to each of the characters’ personal arcs. There was also information revealed and revelations in this movie that in some ways redacts or tries to fix continuity errors from the last movie. But since all that is happening the pacing of the movie seems nonstop. There are moments in the movie where it tries to slow down but I still felt as though I am processing all the information and nothing is giving me time to let it all sink in. But as a whole, I did like the direction they went with but could have used more fine-tuning

The Honest Rise of Skywalker Review... ( No Spoilers ) 2

The Acting
Honestly, I never had a problem with any of the acting or actors in the series. What I didn’t like in the last movie was the character direction. Very few actors can improve bad writing. Here you get all the Finn and Poe bromance you wanted. Rey kinda feels like the third wheel simply because this is the movie where all 3 of them are actually together. You get more Ren and Rey interaction from the last movie which I actually enjoyed. The big question is where the characters’ direction and overall arc written well? I will say it a hit or mix with the cast. Some developments were good others felt flat.

Visual Effects
Its Star Wars backed by Disney, that should be enough said. The effects, the settings, there were all excellent and what you would expect coming from there respective studios.

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The Honest Rise of Skywalker Review... ( No Spoilers ) 3

Nostalgia Factor
JJ Abrams was certainly banking on the nostalgia to help this movie along. Certain actors and noted locations are slipped throughout the movie. The return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calriisian was a joy to see as well as a few others. Ian McDiarmid back as Palpatine.. come on you know you missed him regardless of how good or bad the movie could get.

Overall Feeling.
I wanted more. If this movie was in two parts I would have been so in for it. The plot, the reveals, the revelations, information, there was just so much of it in the movie that it needed more time than the 2 hours and 20 minutes given. There were scenes and parts of the movie that should have been epic or elicited a sense of awe but I just didn’t feel it. I will say if you look at it as a single movie I don’t think it is that good. If you look at this movie as the 3rd movie of a trilogy, it was not a bad way to end things. Of course, everyone will have there own opinion so drop a message below and let me know what you think… try not to spoil in the process.

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