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Have you seen The Last Starfighter? If you have not then we at Geek Impulse Question your level of Geek! For those of you perhaps not familiar or need a refresher then here it goes. The Last Star Fighter was a 1984 Sci-Fi film that some would say is better than Star Wars… Yes that previous statement is correct.



The film follows a guy by the name of Alex Rogan. He becomes incredibly good at an arcade game called Starfighter. Alex eventually becomes the highest scoring player of the game. After this he is approached by the games creator and told that the game is actually a recruiting tool for intergalactic combat. There has bee rumors about a reboot for years and it seems like it is actually happening.




i09’s James Whitbrook asked Whitta a few questions about the project. Whitta confirmed that the project was still in the early stages, but that “we’ve had a lot of talks with Universal.” Remaking The Last Starfighter has been a difficult prospect in the past because Betuel owns a significant portion of the film rights and hasn’t been interested in a remake, but together he and Whitta “have a fully developed story that is a combination of reboot and sequel that we both think honors the legacy of the original film while passing the torch to a new generation,” according to Whitta.


The Last Star Fighter - Geek Impulse


At Geek Impulse would prefer a series based on The Last Starfighter than a movie. We have not been to happy with what has been done to Star Wars over the years so we remain skeptical at a reboot. We still are excited about this news.  So tell us, are you excited for a reboot/sequel to The Last Star Fighter? Let us know in the comment down below.



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