The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Is a Good Thing!

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In a few short weeks Dark Horse will be releasing The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia. Below is your first look as the upcoming encyclopedia. AS mentioned by Gamespot:


his peek gives us a page of detail covering Zelda: Oracle of Ages, another on the highly-regarded Ocarina of Time, and a two-page spread on towns and villages throughout the series.



The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia - Geek Impulse



The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia - Geek Impulse



The first The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia gained popularity amongst Zelda Fandom because it introduces an alternate timeline. That one was called Hyrule Historia. This year Art & Artifacts was released. It contained promotional and concept art from the series as a whole. This edition will contain an immense amount of data. The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia will be released June 19thIt goes for $40, but a Deluxe Edition retails for $80 and is designed to look like a gold NES cartridge.



The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia - Geek Impulse




Will you get this? Do you think it is just a collectors thing. Do you think it is useless? Are you even reading this right now? Let us know in the comments below. We will doing more giveaways. These will include a treasure hunt via our website in addition to our Social Media. 


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