The Matrix Resurrections Trailer, Easter Eggs and Theories ahead of its Optimistic release December 22nd

the matrix resurrections trailer

Captain Niobe, played by Jada Pinkett Smith, is significantly older in The Matrix Resurrections Trailer. A new preview was published today (December 6) ahead of the fourth sci-fi film’s release later this month, which you can see for yourself below, clearly verifying the film’s setting as being after the original trilogy.

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer and Breakdown

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer

The Matrix Resurrections trailer recently released, titled “Déjà Vu,” begins with a voiceover from Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), who repeats a sentence from the first film, explaining that “déjà vu is typically a Matrix glitch.” It occurs while they make a shift.” This phrase is repeated multiple times. We witness Neo — in the birthing goo capsule — Trinity, Morpheus (hi, Laurence Fishburne! ), Agent Smith, The Merovingian, and others — and we see a sequence of screen transitions, shifting between younger and older versions of cast members, including Neo, Trinity, Morpheus (hi, Laurence Fishburne! ), Agent Smith, The Merovingian, and others.

One Matrix fan offered the following theory in the comments on Twitter: “This pretty much verifies the canon of video games. You [can’t] actually die when you’re just a basic software as long as you’re hooked in. They can reset the system and bring you back, for example, young [morpheus], Trinity resurrected, Neo resurrected, and Niobe remained alive and aged.”

We overhear Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit music in the background, just like in the first Matrix Resurrections trailer released in September (there is no rubber duck in this latest clip, unfortunately). In case you missed it, the preview shows the term CHANGE while playing a voice over that asks, “Why use old code to develop something new?” “Perhaps this isn’t the tale we believe it is,” says someone else.

Warner Bros./Village Roadshow’s The Matrix Resurrections finally has an official China release date after receiving approval from local regulators in late November. On January 14, 2022, the film will debut in the world’s largest theater market. The Keanu Reeves-led franchise reboot reaches theaters on December 16 in the United States and throughout the Christmas season in most major regions. However, on December 22, it will be available on HBO Max in the United States, putting piracy a huge risk for its China profits.

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