The Perception of Anime Geeks in Japan (Street Interview)

The YouTube Channel “Find Your Love In Japan,” makes interesting videos on a range of topics as mentioned on his page, ” videos about cultural difference, social issues, language, dating, comedy, and people from a native Japanese perspective. Recently a new video caught our attention. That video is titled the same as our article. In it, Nobita interviews several different people about how they view Anime Geeks/Otaku and if they would ever be in a relationship with one.

Some of the respondents to his questions said they personally were not into anime themselves so, they feel as though anime geeks/otaku live in a very different world. The respondent said that they watched the recent film, “Weathering With You” which according to The Hollywood Reporter, “The climate-change romantic fantasy from the director of Your Name is just passing the $100 million (10.7 billion yen) mark at the domestic box office, the first Japanese film to do so since the director’s 2016 smash hit Your Name took $358 million worldwide, breaking the box office record of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.”

Another person interviewed says that Anime Geeks/Otaku are like experts. They went on to say that these otakus spend a lot of money on Anime products which means they are pursuing their passion which the interviewee equates to someone who is passionate about music. Others claim that Anime Geeks do not maintain their hygiene or take care of themselves which is a huge stereotype. We don’t know of anyone personally in the U.S.A. or Japan where this is an issue, but being at conventions we have come across random people where this stereotype would apply. This same person says that it is a solitary lifestyle. Not sure where they have experienced this, but in the United States there is very much an anime/manga fandom that is active with one another and it is growing in Japan with Cosplayers taking the charge in making it more of a norm in Japan.

If you want to watch the full interview here is the video below. Enjoy! Also, let us know your thoughts on this. Thx

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