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Only moment ago in Japan, The Pokémon Company announced the very first Pokémon role-playing games for Nintendo Switch are Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu Version and Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee Version. Both versions will release this November on Nintendo Switch exclusively. During a conference call in New York with director Junichi Masuda ( The Pokémon Company ), he described the games as almost a “remake” of 1999’s Pokémon Yellow — the final iteration of the first-gen Pokémon lineup. 



“Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee are kind of inspired and based on Pokémon Yellow version,” Masuda told us. “They had added elements from the animated series, like Team Rocket and the characters that appeared in the animated series.

“It’s one of those things that made it resonate more with young kids at the time. When we were thinking of a game to go back to … we thought that this would be the next version.”






According to The Pokémon Company states that each game returns players to Pallet Town, where they once again begin their journeys to become Pokémon masters; only the original 151 Pokémon will be available. Depending on the version players have, they’ll be followed by either a Pikachu or an Eevee; these characters will resist their Poké Balls and instead appear on the in-game map. It’s identical to Pokémon Go’s core capture mechanic, right down to how the “battles” appear on-screen.


“What I can say is that Pokémon Go will continue to evolve, and I work on those games as well in terms of the game design,” said Masuda, in an attempt to soothe any of us naysayers. “We’re gonna find a good way so that both series will find the strengths of each other and apply them going forward.”


Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region that you’ve caught in Pokémon GO can be brought into Pokémon Lets Go! The Pokémon Company said. 






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