What We Know About The Porsche Taycan

Unlimited 30 minute charges at Electrify America stations Nationwide

Porsche Taycan - Geek Impulse Technology
© Porsche

Earlier this week an announcement was made by Porsche. The owners of the Porsche Taycan, will get a total of three years free charging. This will be made available at Electrify America charging stations. Each charge is for 30 minutes. There are about 300 charging stations on the highway at the moment with more to follow. A total of 42 states currently have the charging stations and they are in 17 metro areas across America.

Porsche Taycan - Geek Impulse Technology
© Porsche

The deal with Electrify America is not the only announcement to be excited about. Porsche will be investing a total of $70 million charging station infrastructure in order to ensure their vehicles stay on the road. The company wants to install fast charging stations at all of their dealerships. That is an additional 191 charging stations. In a recent report by Bloomberg, the Taycan is expected to achieve 60 miles of charge every 4 minutes. Tesla can absorb 120 kilowatts of charging rate while Porsche’s battery can absorb 350 kilowatts.

Porsche Taycan - Geek Impulse Technology
© Porsche

The Taycan is not out yet. It’s capturing the attention of tech and Porsche enthusiasts around the world. There is no official price point but is rumored to start at around $75,000 with premium models topping $130,000.

n an interview with Germany’s auto motor und sport this week, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said that acceleration is just one of the metrics they are looking at:

“With the Taycan, we set the same high standards as all other models. And acceleration is just one of the many features that set our products apart from the competition. The possibilities range from design and quality to driving dynamics and suspension design. The power electronics and the voltage system will also give a very clear differentiation in electric motors. Alone with the 800 volt system, we already generate significant advantages in the charging times, because I can load twice as fast with twice the current.”

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