The Predator 1987 Film With Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Always Be The Best. Change Our Mind!

The predator 1987

The Predator 1987 Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is 35 years old and still remains the best film in the franchise.

This is the theory on how to defeat the Predator, the alien hunter who visits our world every few years for sport and training. Summed up in one easy quote, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” How badass is that? No pansies in this film.

The predator 1987 at the time was the first anyone saw an alien that can rip through an army squad like it was a katana slicing through rice paper. The Alien xenomorphs and the Ewoks were the most dangerous aliens people saw on television so far.

The predator 1987
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The predator 1987 film begins with the arrival in South America of our valiant team of soldiers who look like they take a bunch of steroids. They have been given the task of rescuing a US official who has been kidnapped and taken hostage. Leading the team is “Dutch” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who doesn’t trust the data he’s provided. Others on the team don’t like being saddled with a CIA agent who’s traded a tie for camouflage. They’re also the stereotypical offensive bunch.

Eventually they realize their mission was BS anyways. Bigger problems arise though as the team figure out that they are the ones being hunted by the Predator. The Predator 1987 film is not an excellent movie. There are plot holes and a weak story to be honest.

The joy of The predator 1987 movie is that our heroes, like the viewer, still have no idea as to who or what Predator is, or why they do what they do. Half the fun is the mystery around him. The Predator is not just a one-dimensional character, and that aspect of him makes him as interesting as he is frightening in the original film.

The predator 1987
© 20th Century Fox

Arnold Schwarzenegger dominated the action film genre
at the time of the release of Predator. But a hero is only as impressive as the villains they fight. Tension is substituted for the action, and while this might not be a book-smart movie, it has enough street smarts and savvy to hook in the viewer.

This is what makes this film draw an audience. At all the right times, it checks all the correct boxes, pulling audiences in and then winning them over by changing the tone unexpectedly. Now, it’s still as stupid as it was then, but it’s also just as fun to watch now as it was then. None of the movies that came after were able to catch the coolness of the first film’s characters or its mystery of the villain.

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