The Puma Fi Tech is Their Response to The Nike BB

The Puma Fi has a tiny motor that powers cables that ‘lace’ your shoe when you swipe or touch it.

Puma Fi Tech - Geek Impulse
© Puma

Since the announcement of the Nike Adapt BB, self-lacing shoes, we have anticipated more companies announcing their versions. Puma said they are ready to reveal theirs, but it won’t be ready until 2020. Puma’s latest creation, the Fi (pronounced as “F-I” aka “Fit Intelligence”), this has paved the way for more advanced shoes coming to market fast.

Puma Fi Tech - Geek Impulse
© Puma

According to Puma, they have been working hard for the past three years to produce these shoes to the public. The reason it has taken so long for this tech is being able to find that sweet spot between practicality, intuitiveness, and affordability. The Fi will launch next spring and cost $330 and is designed for everyday use or training. The all-black Fi looks classy and stealthy at the same time. There are blue LED lights that light up with the motor is functioning and or charging. The motor, however, is a bit noisy. SO that can be a bit embarrassing or cool depending on the level of attention you desire.

Puma Fi Tech - Geek Impulse
© Puma

According to PC Mag: Puma is now seeking “tech-savvy” volunteers to beta test the upcoming shoe and provide feedback about its design, usability, and engineering. Interested individuals can sign up for the Fi beta test program via Puma’s Pumatrac app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Puma Says, ” Fit Intelligence can be deployed to a range of different sport and lifestyle products. It follows PUMA’s vision for performance products that are Adaptive Dynamic and respond to athletes and their environment. Through Fit Intelligence, PUMA has made fit intelligent and adaptive to each user.”

“As a global investor in wearable technologies, I know how hard it is to get a product like Fi right and after my first week with the shoes, it’s clear that PUMA is taking this platform very seriously and I’m impressed”, said Bay McLaughlin.

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