The Secret X-Men Family Tree Chart That Will Shock You!

X-Men Family Tree Chart Explained, Hopefully!

The absolute magnitude of characters in the X-Men Universe is, itself hard to wrap ones head around. Figuring out the X-Men Family Tree chart can be even more complex then figuring out string theory. (Just Our Opinion) The X-Men was created in the 1960’s by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, with the comic following the superheroes’ formal team. The X-Men were created by Charles Xavier, a powerful mystic, who seeks to promote harmony and understanding between humanity and mutant species. Unfortunately, on either side, there are powers committed to ensuring this doesn’t happen.

The X-Men earned a famous cartoon series in 1992-which features one of the best theme songs ever for a superhero program-but for years a film version has been stuck in the hell of creation. The eventual success of the X-Men of 2000 would set off a long-running series that would spawn spin-offs such as Deadpool and Logan.

X-Men Family Tree Geek Impulse
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The continuity of the X-Men movie series is notoriously messy, with each new entry appearing to be grossly at odds with something set out in the previous adventure. Throughout the years, the comic has also been guilty of this, and illustrator Joe Stone has put together a handy diagram that describes the family or romantic relationships between the main characters of X-Men which is more a reason for this X-Men Family Tree chart.

If you take Cyclops as an example in the X-Men Family Tree chart, we can clearly see that his father is none other than Corsair. When it comes to his siblings we see Havoc and Vulcan. He married Jean Grey as well as her clone Madelyne Pryor. Cyclops is as a result the father of both Cable and Rachel Summers. That is just the beginning of the messy family tree. In the above chart we see that Magneto is father to Scarlet Witch, Polaris and Quicksilver. This was left out of the MCU film franchise. On the other hand the X-Men franchise addressed that Michael Fassbender’s Magneto and Evan Peters’ Quicksilver are father and son.

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