The Viral Record-Cracking Instagram Egg is Now A Funko Pop?

So we were not going to talk about the Viral Record-Cracking Instagram Egg. However since it seems that Funko Pop is jumping on the trend, We have to chat about this.

On Sunday night, a picture of an egg became the most liked photo ever on Instagram. The egg was posted by the now-verified account @world_record_egg on Jan. 4 with a simple mission: “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. TheViral Record-Cracking Instagram Egg is pictured below.

This weird simplistic viral sensation can be and probably will be debated in academia for the next couple of months. However, perhaps this 15 minutes of fame will decline in the coming weeks. That is until the next big nonsensical thing hits the internet.

Let us discuss this phenomenon that is the Viral Record-Cracking Instagram Egg in the comments… Who or what do you think will be the next viral thing and what about this carrying over to geek culture?

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