The Voice of Professor Oak and Many Others Dies at 67

From Cowboy Bebop’s Jet Black to Pokémon’s Professor Oak and the old Joseph Joestar in Jojos Bizarre Adventure



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Talent management agency Aoni Production revealed last Friday ( Japanese Time ) that the voice actor Unshō Ishizuka passed away on Monday. The cause was of esophageal cancer. He was still young by Japanese standards. In a statment Aoni Productions noted that Unshō Ishizuka had been receiving medical care for some time before his death. The results of treatment were not effective. A Private wake was held as well as a funeral.




Ishizuka was known for his role as Professor Oak in Pokémon, Mr. Satan of “Dragon Ball Ultra”, Jet Black of “Cowboy Bebop”, etc. He was also active as a dubbed and narrator of many works. In the works currently being broadcasted, he appeared in the role of Kane Ibrahim Hasan of “Heavenly Pandora”, and the role of Dino F. Golzyne of “BANANA FISH”. ( Comic Natalie )



What are your thoughts on the passing of a beloved voice actor with such a body of work? Let us know in the comments. 






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