The Walking Dead: Our World Is Like Pokémon Go For Zombies

Kill Zombies in a Location Based Augmented Reality The Walking Dead: Our World


Next Games has officially announced The Walking Dead: Our World. It is an augmented reality game no one asked for, but many will love. The game will allow players to fight zombies in their own environment and other places around the world. Here is what they are saying on Twitter:



There has not been  a lot of promotion about the game. Geek Impulse just happen to be following the gaming company and saw they made the announcement. We attempted to find out more information. At the moment all we have is that which is in the tweet and we look forward to hearing what players have to say about the game when it launches officially on July 12th. 


Have you checked out our first Giveaway? It is a series of Puzzles that you must solve to win the prize. To find out more just click here. To be honest I am skeptical about the game and not very excited to play the game. The trailer below is not all that impressive either. With all things I hope there is success with this game, but we will just have to wait and see. 



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