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Similar to many gamers out there I love Telltale’s The Walking Dead series, even though I loathe the television series. The first season of this video game series in is one of my favorite games of all time. I am very  excited to announce to the Geek Impulse Fam, that Telltale Games announced the fourth and final season of the series is set to release later this year.


Telltale recently revealed the first piece of promotional art for The Walking Dead: The Final Season and it depicts an almost mirrored image to the first season. Clementine and AJ are framed in this promotional art and they are positioned to bear a striking resemblance to that of Lee and Clementine in a piece of promotional art from the first season of The Walking Dead. But this time, Clem is the protector and AJ is the innocent child in need of protecting, rather than Lee being the protector with Clem needing protecting. It’s a nice homage to the series’ roots and it is a great homage to when this all began.


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We have watched Clem grow in The Walking Dead from scared frail child to a bad-ass zombie killing machine. Her character development is no surprise and I am glad to see her take on the role of protector.


The Walking Dead: Season One was all about protecting Clem as the character Lee Everett. He is a man who’s lost everything. His family died, his wife cheated on him, he’s been arrested for murder and now the whole world is falling apart. Protecting this little girl he happened to stumble upon during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse is all he has. This is projected upon the player so effectively that protecting Clem becomes the number one priority throughout the game. Other characters were secondary; even Lee’s own well-being came second to Clem’s. Lee teaches many life lessons and skills to Clem during the short time together, Lee even teaches Clem how to properly shoot a gun. Sadly Clementine has to use those skills at the end of the first season. After her protector Lee is bitten by a zombie, Clem had to make the adult decision and shoot Lee before he turned. Without Lee by her side, Clem is forced into a world where she needs to become her own protector.


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The Walking Dead: Season Two continues where we left off with many questions on what happened to Clementine and other supporting characters. At the beginning of this season we find that not much time has passed and Clem is still a child needing to be taken care of and she has been traveling with Omid and Christa. Omid dies almost immediately into game play and Christa and Clem later get separated. Clem is then taken in by a group of people who have been hiding out at a ranch and she gets pulled into all their unnecessary drama. After a few deaths and poor decision making on the groups part, one good thing happens. Clementine gets reunited with an important character from Season 1; Kenny. Clem, Kenny, and the previous group are then caught by this mad-man known as Carter who has a vendetta against this group that Clem has assimilated into. She is caught up in this crazy game of cat and mouse and has to use her smarts and skills to escape. After all this debacle, the season continues to be a blood bath filled with many casualties and tough decisions.


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Eventually, one of the members of the group give birth to AJ, but even with this added member to the group, the group continues to get smaller and smaller. There is even more betrayal, death, and hardships Clem has to face with Kenny and AJ. Eventually after being what was almost a group of 15 people, you end the series with only Clem and AJ no matter if you choose to kill Jane or kill Kenny. Clem made way too many hard decisions that even an adult couldn’t make, but she continues to survive.


TWD S3 Cover


Season 3 we are introduced to a whole new set of characters, you are introduced to Javier and his family trying to survive the apocalypse. They eventually run into an older and much cynical Clementine, who helps them escape. Clementine has obviously seen some shit and is now a zombie killing machine with a dark and twisted heart after everything she has seen and experienced. The story is more geared toward Javier and keeping his family safe. Which does not go so well because his niece ends up getting shot in the head and his sister-in-law/girlfriend (… I know… Weird…) is critically wounded. They move along with Clem and a few other people they have acquired along the way. You also get to play through flashbacks on what happened to Clem and AJ during the years they were surviving on their own. Clem and Javier eventually get kidnapped by the New Frontier and the story hits a climax. Javier’s brother is one of the leaders to this ‘cult’ and they are also the ones are holding AJ hostage. Javier creates more problems after meeting with the leaders of the group and gets his group split up.



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The main goal at this point is to get back into this town, save their group, and find AJ. Eventually they get inside, more deaths occur, and the town is then taken over by a guy named Jesus you met earlier in the game with his pals.

Season 4 will most likely begin with Clem still on her search for AJ.  She is meant to be his protector and Clementine is now fulfilling the role Lee left behind for her for AJ. I am excited to see the changes in Clem; she is a child forced into a mother’s role and she is trying her best to be the best mother possible toward AJ. I can’t wait to see what situation she finds AJ in and how she will continue to keep him safe. I do assume that as always there will be a lot of drama and death, but this is what makes the game thrilling and enjoyable.



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All that is currently known about the upcoming game is Telltale Games will be revealing the rest of the details at PAX East on Friday, April 6. You will also be able view via Twitch and viewers will be able to see where the story will be picking up for Clem’s journey.

Here is Telltale’s Summer Update to their game if you can not wait for the live stream on the 5th here is a short interview with a few of the creators of the series:



If like me, you wish to have a further recap on the series feel free to watch these videos created by Skybound and relive all the deaths and decisions you possibly made throughout this game.

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