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**ATTENTION THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR The Walking Dead’s Final Season**



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Telltale Games has done it again with a fantastic first episode of The Walking Dead’s Final Season! It is amazing to see just how much Clementine has grown since the first season with Lee and it is amazing to see her walk in the same footsteps by being the guardian to AJ. Immediately we start off the first season with starving for food, a mob of zombies, and a car crash. Luckily both Clementine and AJ survived but only due to the rescue from another group of kids nearby.


Clementine and AJ immediately assimilate themselves into this new group that saved them and they seem to fit right in because it is a group of kids their own age. I felt they let their guard down too soon by easily trusting people they had just met.  After meeting most of the camp, you are thrown into another battle against the undead to help protect the school you and the group are residing in.


You learn the group has set traps for both walkers and food that may run across the forest and this group seems to have a good thing going. After the hunt, AJ kicks the leader in the balls for sneaking up on him and Clementine has to encourage AJ to befriend everyone and apologize to Marlon. Clementine does a good job in guiding him in the right direction and AJ sits with the other little boy named Tenn during dinner time. While AJ learns to draw, Clementine gets to know her new group.



The Walking Dead’s Final Season - Geek Impulse




Clementine honestly has no good questions to ask the group during a small game of War, but the group hits her a lot with heavy hitters and she has to bring up bad memories about Lee, Kenny, and Javier and his family.

It was both nice and sad to reminisce about everything we had gone through with Clementine over the years. However, those memories reminded me of why we should not easily trust people we have just met.


That night Clementine and AJ go back to the room where she woke up and AJ draws her a picture of their family. I like AJ’s thinking because he does want to stay with this group, but Clem is his really family and he still does not feel fully safe. He even wants to sleep under a bed so he would be prepared if something tragic went down.


When they wake up the next morning, they decide to talk to the leader Marlon about staying with the group permanently. Before they go in AJ has an issue with sharing toys with Tenn and Clementine needs to show him that you just don’t take things from someone.



The Walking Dead’s Final Season - Geek Impulse



When you go to speak with Marlon, he is happy to let you and AJ stay except there is a catch. The  food situation isn’t all that great and morale is down because their ‘safe zone’ keeps shrinking more and more. Clementine and AJ are able to stay with the group if they contribute to finding food. Marlon also levels with Clementine explaining that the safe zone needs to be smaller to protect the group because they had lost a lot of their group out in the wild.


They are only able to get food from two sources: the traps in the woods and by spear fishing. I chose to go spearfishing with the other girls in the group. It was definitely worth it, because I was able to get on both of their good sides by helping with the misunderstanding between Brody and Violet. Violet and Brody seem to be great friendships to gain at this point because you have gained their trust.


After spearfishing, you head back to check on Louis and Aasim, you find that someone is stealing from your traps. At this point I was thinking maybe the other kids did not die from walkers, but maybe they left and are stealing supplies. Or one of the adults that abandoned them from the beginning came back and are taking their supplies to survive.




The Walking Dead’s Final Season - Geek Impulse

The Walking Dead’s Final Season



A Lot of things were obviously running through Clementine’s head as well, except she knew she had to get more food in order for her and AJ to stay. Clementine suggests they go back to the train station where they found her because she remembers there being a lot of food under the floorboards. I think this was a stupid idea, just because there was a ton of walkers in the area before we crashed the car and it has not been long enough for them to disperse.


Clementine, AJ, Violet, and Louis head over there and come up with a plan to distract the walkers and get back inside to grab the food. The plan is goes smoothly, and as AJ and Clementine grab the food, we are discovered by a new character. A man with creepy eyes and has a desperate look of starvation on his face points a gun at Clementine and tells her to relinquish her find of food.


Obviously this is a big HELL NO! But we need to keep AJ safe. When AJ  comes out of the floorboards to hand Clementine more food, he sees the man and immediately points his gun at him. I chose to attack the man instead of letting him take the food and thankfully he was grabbed by the walkers outside.



The Walking Dead’s Final Season - Geek Impulse




Everyone from the group is safe as we head back to camp, we inform the others of the man known as Abel who held Clementine at gunpoint. Brody starts to freak out, but everyone else is at least we have a ton of extra food from the haul at the train station. But things obviously get really weird, no one wants to sit with Clementine at dinner and AJ and her go to bed immediately after the events that happened that day. Then suddenly, Clementine and AJ are awoken by yelling nearby. They go to investigate and find that the sounds are coming from behind the door to the basement, but the door is locked from both sides. Clementine looks at a nearby escape route map to find that there is a cellar outside. She tells AJ to stay inside while she goes investigate. Once she makes it into the cellar she finds both Marlon and Brody yelling at one another over the situation over the raiders. Brody is freaking out because she thinks it might be the same raiders they had met with before. Marlon has a temper and does not like confrontation so he hits Brody with a heavy flashlight and splits her skull open.



Clementine immediately runs to Brody’s aid and she is in and out of consciousness. Brody is able to reveal to Clementine that Marlon has some skeletons in his closet because Marlon had given up 2 members of their group to raiders. He lied saying they were killed by walkers and instead he traded them for the others safety. AND…. to top it off Marlon planned to trade both Clementine and AJ if the raiders came back for them. As Brody slowly dies from her injury, Marlon, being the coward that he is locks Clementine in the cellar so he could blame her for Brody’s death. Clementine then has to fight for survival and kill zombie Brody and is able to escape the dreaded cellar.


When she escapes she finds Marlon held at gunpoint by AJ asking what he did to you. Marlon is screaming that it is all Clementine’s fault and she went crazy and killed Brody. I have Clementine lay all the facts on the table and Marlon still tries to pin it on her and say she is lying. I ask Violet to back me up since we became besties during spearfishing and eventually everyone sides with Clementine. Marlon gives up and says he confesses to what he has done. As I tell him he could stay, but not as leader AJ shoots him right the head.


As a first episode to this season it was honestly amazing. I do not know how they are going to top off this episode, but knowing Telltale the decisions later on will be even harder. I feel as if because AJ shot Marlon, we will have to part ways with this group, but the issue with raiders will arise and we might have to go back. I believe at the end of this season there will be no happy ending, and I am scared to see what the fate will be for Clementine and AJ.


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