The Witcher 3 and Samurai Jack Crossover Fan Made Video

The Witcher 3 Takes Over Samurai Jack


Geralt The Witcher 3 - Samurai Jack - Geek Impulse



Lately crossovers are gaining more and more popularity. Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this gem. The Witcher 3 as Samurai Jack.  The video answers the most intriguing of questions. What happens when The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia takes on Samurai Jack? Some pretty amazing stuff thats what. 



From what I know of Geralt, he seemed too calm and methodical, it was like Jack was inside of his body. But aside from that LOL this was absolutely mind-blowing. As for the style of the animation, and the music, Mashed absolutely hit the mark with this video. If we can get Genndy Tartakovsky to team up with Netflix and get the license to use the Witcher stuff, it would be amazing.




While watching the video, be sure to look out for the nice little easter egg at the 1:29 minute mark. The animation is incredible! So similar to Samurai Jack. Geralt faces up to a Griffin. Armed with only his blade and his wits, will he come out of the hunt alive? Executive Producer Tom Jenkins Written, Produced and Sound Designed by Jason Dewey Directed by Jason Dewey and Liam McKeown Animated by Liam McKeown Backgrounds by Tobi Knitt Music by Alex Walker Smith Samurai Witcher is a reimagining of The Witcher in a Samurai Jack style. Samurai Jack was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and is renowned for its award-winning animation.





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