The Xpeng P7 EV is Better Than A Tesla Model 3? Company Says!

Tesla is seeing progress in China’s market for electric vehicles, but native Xpeng company could have a fighting chance to win. The new Xpeng P7 sedan is the second production model for the company and the specs they released about it shows some Impressive performance Potential. Any of the car’s configurations can accelerate in 4.3 seconds to 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) per hour, and it can fly on a charge about 200 miles further than a Tesla model 3. (Xpeng uses a different battery performance measure than Tesla, so the range comparisons can end up a bit skewed). The company also hopes that the price of its vehicles will make them more competitive than Tesla’s offerings — the P7 will start at 229,900 yuan (around $36,000), while Model 3 will start at 344,050 yuan (around $48,500).

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Xpeng’s cars are the first to use Nvidia’s Drive AGX Xavier system-on-a-chip to run the P7’s large variety of sensors and cameras. Each car is equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors, five millimeter-wave radars and 14 cameras. According to Xpeng, these amount to the only 360-degree “multi-perception” system in an electric vehicle. The P7 is available to order from today, and the company will supply the cars from June. Although the cars are unlikely to arrive in the US anytime soon, auto fans might be interested to see how the cars match up in the real world against Tesla’s Model 3.

The P7’s launch solidifies Xpeng Motors’ leading position in China’s smart EV market. Our ability to launch the P7 in the challenging conditions of the COVID-19 crisis is a testament to the strength of our young company.

Xpeng Press Release

Sources: Xpeng Website, Business Wire

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