This Extremely Rare “Piglet Squid” Baffles Scientists!

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The Piglet Squid as Filmed By The folks aboard the Nautilus

As the cliche goes, very little of the ocean has really been discovered. The amounts of mysterious creatures that inhabit the sea are most likely astronomical in scale. These creatures from time to time are stumbled upon, however. Some of the said creatures look like aliens to the eyes of humans. The team aboard the Nautilus discovered something odd and equally spectacular in the Pacific Ocean recently. A Kawaii little squid called a Piglet Squid which has tentacle antennas. Even seasoned scientist were excited when they saw this cute creature.

This creature is not a new discovery. The first time it was spotted was in 1907. It has been known by its scientific name Helicocranchia pfefferi and has been branded by the layperson as the piglet squid. They are roughly about 4 inches in length and live in what is known as the mesopelagic zone of the ocean. That is around 650 feet beneath the surface of the water. In the video below the researches exclaim that the squid looks like it wears lipstick and does its eyelashes with extensions (paraphrasing). In the video, the team gets a full spectrum of the creature as if it is on a modeling runway and turns to face the camera.

The Nautilus is funded by the Ocean Exploration Trust. According to the NautilusLive website, this is their fifth year of exploring the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and their most expensive voyage to date. Nautilus is a team that consists of, scientists, loggers, data engineers, seafloor mappers, and many others. This journey has been going on for them since May 2019 and is set to finish up in October. OET was founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard, best known for discovering the wrecked remains of the RMS Titanic.

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