The Tiny Robot Named Vector Wants To Be Your Smart Home Assistant

Vector Is More Than Just A Robot Assistant



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Every day more and more people are bringing smart devices into their home. Vector is an advance robot that is compact and holds a big punch. This thing will even fist bump. The last statement is what makes this robot unique. It has personality. 


Anki, the robotics maker has come up with a consumer based artificial intelligence. The company boasts that this isn’t just your common robot. Instead it has a personality unlike any other. The tiny robot is being powered by Qualcomm APQ8009 processor. APQ8009 processor supports some powerful computing, impeccable connectivity, hardware-based security and network capabilities. Not only does this robot show the innovation of Anki, but it also showcases Qualcomm’s technological capabilities.





Here is some info from Qualcomm. Their Kickstarter which we will link to so you can check it out even more:


Vector is a unique home robot. For starters, all the compute, on-device AI capabilities, and connectivity are made possible because of the Qualcomm APQ8009, which resides in Vector, not in the user’s phone. The processor is designed to act, essentially, as Vector’s brain, eyes, and ears. It supports capabilities like processing a 120-degree ultra-wide HD camera field of view that allows him to see the world and recognize faces. In addition, Vector’s array of four microphones are engineered to allow him to hear and understand each individual in the room (“Hey, Vector,” gets his attention). Vector also has capacitive touch and can tell when you pet him.


Vector - Geek Impulse





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