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Official Toei Animation Musem Opens in Tokyo


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Legendary anime studio Toei Animation is opening a new museum at the end of this month. The location is in Tokyo. Name of the Museum? Toei Animation Museum of course.  Toei is famously known for, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Galaxy Express 999, Mazinger Z and Sailor Moon to name a few. Toei Animation Museum will showcase several exhibits where  Visitors can also learn how anime is made and check out original drawings.


Toei Animation museum is currently in a preview, but will officially open to the general public on July 28. Here are some more information from the source itself via Twitter:







So as you can see this museum look like a lot of fun. Definitely on the place to visit when going to Tokyo. Here is a message from their official website:


Since our foundation in 1956, we have produced a number of animated works. Among them, I think that there is also a work which everyone crushed my heart when I was small. Many of them also have a lot of works that have gained high popularity beyond the boundaries and crosses the border, and there is no more pleasure as an animation production company.

In the hotel, we introduce works we have produced so far and works to be produced in the future. Please come and experience the charm of everyone, touched animation work loved all over the world. Surely there will be new ways of enjoying and discovering that are different from the past.

And it would be great if you could become a fan of animation more than now.




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