Tokyo Game Market 2019 is Back in Tokyo Big Sight Venue

Tokyo Game Market, fall 2019 is around the corner again. Game Market is held twice a year in Tokyo and once a year in Osaka, and has thousands of attendees each event. In spring this year Tokyo Game market had 14,000 attendees on the Saturday and 11,000 on the Sunday. Last spring it was in a temporary venue but now it’s back to being held in Tokyo Big Sight on Odaiba, and it’s a huge event.


It’s immensely popular, but is still incredibly affordable at 2000 yen ($20) a ticket, and over half of the booths are indie. You can see the floor map hereHall B is mostly smaller indie games, with some accessory and resale booths to add to the mix. The accessory stalls sell all sorts of things, from plastic standees of cute pixel figures, to meeple buttons, to steampunk stuff because why not.

Tokyo Game Market 2019 Geek Impulse

Hall A has all the big names in tabletop games, from Group SNE to the newcomer Delight Works, to the well-known Oink Games. Last spring Kickstarter had an event space as well, highlighting some of the most prominent tabletop Kickstarter designers like Jordan Draper. There’s a section in Hall A of more well-funded but still indie games, which is quite a good place to start if you intend to get a good feel for the market. You can see the list of exhibitors here.


The event is spread across 2 days. Saturday is the slightly more popular day, with a lot of booths only selling on the first day, but if you want a slightly more relaxed day then Sunday is your day. People will queue up for hours to get in though, and the entry is pretty fantastic to watch. You get people running to the booths, presumably for games they couldn’t reserve but absolutely HAD to have.


More and more indie games are starting to have multilingual rules included (or at least have PDFs online), and with the Olympics near at hand and the board game market increasing as it is I think this will continue to be the trend, which is great for those gamers looking to find some amazing Japanese games who can’t read Japanese yet. If you’re interested in having a look at the Japanese tabletop market, Tokyo Game Market is a great opportunity.

If you want to meet the author, Maisykuv, she’ll be there both days. Send her a DM!

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