Tokyo Revengers Manga Finally Gets a Long-Anticipated English Print Exciting Fans Globally 00

Tokyo Revengers Manga

The acclaimed Tokyo Revengers manga by Ken Wakui is finally getting a physical edition in English. Historically, Kodansha’s popular Shonen manga series about a time-traveling troublemaker was only accessible in English as a digital publication. Seven Seas Entertainment has confirmed that print copies of Tokyo Revengers will begin to be released, starting with a new compendium that gathers the first two volumes of the story into a single enormous paperback with redesigned typography.

The Vol. 1-2 compendium is also available in a special Barnes & Noble limited edition featuring a variant cover and double-sided foldout picture. It will be released on the same day and for the same price, and it is now available for pre-order.

Tokyo Revengers Manga

Tokyo Revengers Manga
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Fans who prefer to read the series online can do so on the INKR digital manga portal, which recently established a partnership with Kodansha to sell several of the publisher’s most popular titles on its platform, including Tokyo Revengers. INKR has cooperated with several different comic book and manga publications from across the world, notably Image Comics, Kuaikan, and Tokyo Pop, in particular with respect to Kodansha.

Users of INKR can either pay a monthly subscription for unrestricted access to the service’s collection of manga, manhwa, and other comics, or pay a nominal charge for various chapters and volumes of each series. The Volume 1-2 omnibus, both standard edition and Barnes & Noble exclusive edition, will be released in May 2022 for $22.99 USA / $28.99 CAN.

Tokyo Revengers Manga Synopsis:

Hanagaki Takemichi was formerly a low-life punk who fled away from his previous life after biting off more than he could chew with a group in middle school. Now that he’s a grownup, the gang that used to torture him has evolved into Tokyo’s most powerful gang, and they’ve begun murdering people, including his old girlfriend! After hearing this, Takemichi is shoved in front of an incoming train by an unknown force on a train station.

He blinks as his life passes before his eyes, and he finds himself transported back to middle school, just before he abandoned the gang! Now he has the opportunity to make amends for what went wrong all those years previously. Will he be able to save his girlfriend’s life in the future–and what else could he be able to change if he’s rewriting history?

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