Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree – Know the Difference and Which Is a National Landmark? Results May Shock You 30

Tokyo Tower

When you think about Tokyo, you’re thinking of a few things. Neon lights, brilliant landscapes, packed streets, and railway stations, and delectable cuisine and beverages. Try making a mental list of a few items that spring to mind. Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree comes to mind; I am sure.

In a recent survey in Tokyo, respondents to the question “Do you consider Tokyo Tower an icon of Tokyo or the Skytree?” found a substantial divergence in opinions. The Skytree is considered an icon for Tokyo by those under the age of 30, whereas the Tower is considered an icon by those above the age of 30.

Tokyo Tower – A brief History

Tokyo Tower
© Reddit / 1958 before completion

Tokyo Tower is a public communications and observation tower in Tokyo’s Shiba-Koen neighborhood. The Tokyo Tower reaches a height of 332.9 meters (1,092.2 ft). The Eiffel Tower in Paris influenced the design of the orange and white structure.

Tourist industry and antenna leasing are two sources of revenue for the tower. Tourists can take a trip up to the viewing platform for a spectacular view of the city and dine at the different cafés and restaurants at the bottom. Its transmitting antennae are used by major broadcasting companies including as NHK, TBS, and Fuji TV.

Tokyo Skytree – The Story Behind it

Tokyo Skytree, which was finished in 2012 following a four-year construction period, is the world’s tallest tower and second-tallest building behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The transmitting and observation tower, which is located in Sumita, is 634 meters (2,080 ft) tall.

The Skytree has a silvery white tone to it and is frequently lighted with a rainbow of hues. Skytree has a more modern, futuristic appearance than the Tokyo Tower. Next, we will jump into the survey that inspired this article.

Survey Says?

Tokyo Tower
© Jon Tyson

The teenagers come first. Skytree is the key icon for 62 percent of teenage boys and 60 percent of teenage girls. Most people in their twenties regard the Skytree to be a city landmark as well, but the gap is not as wide as it is among teenagers. When we reach the age of 30-40, we start to see patterns. Only 38% of men and 34% of women thought Skytree was the landmark, with the majority claiming Tokyo Tower instead. Furthermore, most people in their 40s and 50s still think of Tokyo Tower as the city’s most famous landmark.

Those in their 20s today would have been 10-14 years old while the Skytree was being built and when it was finished. As a result, they would be highly influenced by the regular news updates on its building and the spectacular opening event. Not to that, the Skytree’s title as the world’s highest tower is sure to instill some pride in the tower and the city of Tokyo.

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