Tokyo’s 2D Cafe in the Heart of Korea Town (Video + Photos Inside)

Tokyo’s Shin-Okubo neighborhood is well known for its Korea town. You can get all the body and face care products you can ever dream of (including placenta face masks) and as much bingsu as you can eat.


However, when it comes to delicious shaved ice desserts made of milk with delicious toppings and layers of condensed milk, the most unique place to eat it is Tokyo’s 2D Cafe, now open here: 169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Hyakunincho, 1 Chome−7−5. Read on for a video.


The decor is wonderfully done – mixing a dash of green plant in with the monochrome interior, which really gives a pop of color. Every chair and table, every edge of a wall, even the counter decorations have black lines on the white edges. You feel like you have dropped into a cartoon world, and you’re the characters.

Tokyo's 2D Cafe

With all the monochrome, the food itself really stands out. We tried two kinds of bubble tea; matcha and black sugar tapioca, and Maisy’s favorite kind of tea: Assam and black sugar tapioca. Both were delicious, but the Assam tea was extra exciting because it’s not a flavor you see all too often in Tokyo.

Tokyo's 2D Cafe

Tokyo’s 2D Cafe is open really late, so if you need a pre-party dessert, you can get some until 11pm. The cafe itself is hidden behind the main street in a back road, meaning it isn’t crowded with so many humans you can’t move, and you don’t have to line up too long. The bingsu is actually really good, with enough fruit to split between two. We shared a bowl and didn’t manage to finish it. Thankfully the bubble tea can be taken out as well.

[wpvideo gA218z7F]

There will almost certainly be groups posing for photos, and people trying to get that shot that will launch their Instagram career. So if you’re after that perfect photo, you might want to be prepared to wait a while.

It isn’t the first of it’s kind, there are others around the world; one in South Korea looks even more cartoon-like. Are you planning to check out the 2D Cafe on your next trip? Let us know!

Photos @ Maisykuv/Geek Impulse

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