Tom Cruise and Space X Reportedly Making a Film in Space

Outer Space Stunts Are Soon Gonna Be A Thing!

Tom Cruise and Space X along with NASA are reportedly going to shoot a film an action adventure film in space. This was reported by Deadline. Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. says he’s hearing that the film is in the works but that “no studio is in the mix at this time.” It wouldn’t be shocking to see a team-up between SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who was compared to the “Iron Man” industrialist Tony Stark, and an actor with leading roles in the “Mission: Impossible” movie franchise and the “War of the Worlds” remake.

As the outlet reported, Tom Cruise and Space X makes sense as space is potentially the next big challenge for Cruise, a star so committed to performing his own stunts that he once fired an insurance squad to run around Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. One wonders how, exactly, Cruise is going to prepare for this movie: should he — literally — go out into outer space?

SpaceX and NASA have jointly embarked on their public-private agreement to build the Crew Dragon program and make it available and business partners for other contracts. The Agency’s public-private collaboration activities with industry are intended to offset its long-term costs by opening up the market, and SpaceX is already collaborating with another investor.

Musk’s company is also currently working on Starship, a completely reusable spacecraft that will have more room on board for a film crew to fill, until it’s ready to operate. The vehicle is still likely to be out of human ranking for a few years, while NASA has been chosen as one of the contract providers for its potential human land missions, which will begin in 2024 if everything goes to the Agency’s schedule.

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