Toto’s Africa Song to Play Forever on Loop in the Namib Desert!

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© Max Siedentopf

For some unknown reason, Toto’s Africa song has gained a cult-like following. To be honest I enjoy it myself. To ensure this song never dies, an artist by the name of Max Siedentopf, set up an installation somewhere in the Namid Desert that will loop the song for all eternity.

The piece, known as “Toto Forever” was originally seen by us via CNN. The Artist is a Namibian-German, who says he wanted to pay “tribute to probably the most popular song of the last four decades.” So how has he achieved this you might ask? Using white block stands, solar batteries, and “six speakers which are attached to an MP3 player that only has one song on it. The desert itself is 1,200 miles long and is among the worlds oldest. It runs along the western coast of South Africa.

© Max Siedentopf

© Max Siedentopf

We must admit there is something surreal about listening to the song while the desert sand blows from the wind. We are sure that before too long someone will venture to find it and take a selfie and post it on Instagram. What are your thoughts on this art installation that is mean to Play Toto’s Africa song forever?

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