Toy Story 4 Gets a Release Date. Click to Find Out More

The talks about a Toy Story 4 film have been rumored since mid 2014. From us here at Geek Impulse we can safely announce that the film has finally gotten a release date. It will be another year before we get Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Light Year (Tim Allen) along with the rest of the cast. 


Toy Story 4 - Geek Impulse

Toy Story 4 Will be directed by Josh Cooley of Inside Out. Joining Cooley will be Co-Director Jonas Rivera who is known for his recent work on Coco. The Films release date has been announced Via twitter by Cooley:



With Cooley in charge of Toy Story 4 and Writer Stephany Blossom  from Thor: Ragnarok creating the screenplay, it seems Toy Story 4 has  found a firm footing to reach production.  The films plot is still an unknown. 





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