Toys “R” Us to Make Come Back With Two Stores

It would seem that the plan for a come back by the Toys “R” Us brand will be just in time for the holidays. True Kids who are the parent company of the brand, plans to open two permanent stores. It would seem that they are planning some massive changes to drawback in customers and have them stay for the long term. The experiences that can be expected are movie theaters, video games, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) workshops as well as a treehouse for kids to play in. Tru Kids are having help by tech retailer b8ta which they have partnered with.

Where will these stores be?

The first stores are said to be in Houston and Paramus, N.J… Originally stores boasted on average 30,000 square feet. The new store will be only 6,500 square feet. Toy and other brands will have the option to pay in order to highlight their products in a playground-style atmosphere and will also have the ability to engage directly with customers. “We have an incredible opportunity to entirely reimagine the Toys “R” Us brand in the US,” said Richard Barry, CEO of Tru Kids.

b8ta has been involved with retailers in the past. Macy’s stores were one such retailer who was struggling and b8ta stepped in to offer unique experiences for customers of the store. In doing so, they also require a 50% stake in each venture. Depending on the success of the two stores and the data that will be collected, there will be more stores to open around the United States.

We are excited here at Geek Impulse as the nostalgia is so great having grown up with Toys “R” Us, and are hopeful that it will be a success. Brands need to update their business offerings and experiences if they are wanting to gain and retain customers. The bankruptcy of the brand was not well received and there has been no backlash of all the jobs lost and now they are coming back to life. What are your thoughts?

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