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Trovo Live

Trovo Live is one of the latest video game live streaming platforms, seeking to expand into a market dominated by Twitch and YouTube while escaping the fate of Mixer. Trovo recently revealed its new collaboration, this time with Restream, with the goal of streamlining chat functionality.

The live streaming company has an ongoing Partnership Program that will include an unprecedented $30 million in funding by the end of the year, helping smaller streamers gain further visibility. The duo makes it easy to talk when watching on various digital platforms. Here is our interview with the team over at Trovo.

Our Exclusive interview with Trovo Live Team

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We asked about their partnership program and how it differs in relation to others in the marketplace. Allen Chan, Trovo Senior Operation Manager responded, ” Our creator partnership program, aka Trovo 500 Program, aims to help streamers who work hard to grow their streams through a prize pool totaling the amount of $30,000,000 and a ranking system based on effective watch hours. We originally started with 500 streamers and that’s where the name came from, but now the whole program covers more than 1,000 streamers on Trovo.

We wanted to know how they tend to be a “disrupter” in the industry. The brand manager Silu Wang said, “The streaming industry, we grew our community based on the value of open access, equal opportunities, and empowerment. We have invested in our Trovo 500 programs to support all Trovo creators, as well as partnerships with Riot to support our European community, and partnerships with Mobile Mayhem to support our CoD:Mobile community. Trovo has already become the largest platform for CoD Mobile live content as a result of this.

Q: What are your plans for Trovo Live growth? ​

AC (Allen Chan): Trovo community events, Trovo Community Night, Local Community Challenge and to further build up our community. We will also continue to promote T500 to attract more creators coming to our platform, work more closely with game publishers to discover more opportunities for everyone on Trovo, as well as support e-sports endeavors by sponsoring various different competitive events.

Q: We want to know about the streamer who is starting out. How can someone benefit from going on Trovo Live instead of the more well-known brands?

SW (Silu Wang): Aside from our Trovo 500 program, we also have a great community function called “boost project” that will allow streamers to collect Mana (mana is a free currency on Trovo which the audience can collect from watching the live stream every 5 min) from the audience and get boosted to the front page. On Trovo, we want people to be discovered, seen, and celebrated and we want this type of access available for all streamers small and large.

Q: What do think our reader should know?

SW: It is actually a cool bunch of people behind Trovo Live. It’s not just work but it’s personal for us. In the near future, through our Community Nights, we will have more regular AMA sessions with everyone behind Trovo and have some fun and exciting shenanigans.

Q: What can you tell us about the story around Trovo Live, from how it started to where we are today?

AC: When we first launched Trovo, we were called Madcat and we started with a mission to end the monopoly in game streaming before rebranding to Trovo. Throughout this journey, we have managed to grow many communities that create great content many of which felt left out on other platforms. Our focus is to grow an inclusive environment and that’s how our values really play an important role in telling us what kind of platform we would wanna be.

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