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The Turtle Beach Corporation (commonly referred to as Turtle Beach) is a global gaming accessory manufacturer based in San Diego, California.

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In 2005, Turtle Beach pioneered the way for high-quality gaming audio with the very first console gaming headset – the X51 – and since then we’ve led the industry by designing innovative, best-in-class products that take gaming to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out, a casual player, a hardcore gamer or an esports pro, Turtle Beach has the best headset for you. From the latest Xbox PlayStation® and Nintendo consoles to PC, Mac® and mobile/tablet devices, you’ll gain the competitive edge and start winning more with a Turtle Beach gaming headset. 

The company has roots dating back to the 1970s where it developed sound cards, MIDI synthesizers, and various audio software packages and network audio devices. Turtle Beach is considered one of the leading gaming audio brands and is publicly-traded on NASDAQ under the stock ticker symbol “HEAR.”

In 2013, Turtle Beach began working on a deal that would eventually see them merge with the San Diego-based audio technology manufacturer, Parametric Sound Corporation, in January 2014. Parametric had gone public in 2010. In April 2014, the company’s name was changed to Turtle Beach Corporation, it began trading under the stock ticker symbol “HEAR,” and opened a new corporate headquarters in San Diego, California. Parametric’s “UltraSound” technology, which uses speakers to direct sounds only to specific areas, also came under the purview of Turtle Beach.

In 2014 and 2015, the company released official Titanfall and Star Wars Battlefront-branded headsets. It also began releasing a collection of other gaming accessories like keyboards, computer mice, and mousepads. In 2016, the company entered a partnership with OpTic Gaming, an esports organization, for the team to use its Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset. Turtle Beach also released the Stream Mic for users who broadcast from their consoles and PC. In 2017, it released the first headsets (the Stealth 600 and 700) that could connect directly to the Xbox One console wirelessly. The Stealth 600 went on to be the best-selling Xbox One gaming headset for 2018. It also entered into a console-only sponsorship deal with Splyce.

In 2018, the company launched a new line of PC-specific headsets called “Atlas.” It received input and feedback from esports teams, OpTic Gaming, and Astralis, during the design process. It also released the Elite Pro 2 headset designed for console gaming. In December 2018, it released a line of earbuds (“Battle Buds”) designed for mobile gaming.

Turtle Beach’s journey began back in 1975 as a small company called Octave Electronics which created music and audio-related products like analog music synthesizers, PC sound cards and more. Throughout the company’s 40+ year history, Turtle Beach has evolved into today’s premiere gaming headset brand. And as the industry has grown, so has Turtle Beach, developing advanced, award-winning gaming headsets and audio accessories for gamers from all walks of life, including professional esports athletes and streamers on Twitch and YouTube. In addition to creating the first ever console gaming headset, Turtle Beach has consistently leveraged its audio expertise and drive for innovation to bring groundbreaking features to market first

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