Uber Available in Tokyo an Official Taxi Service.

Uber Available in Tokyo. Uber has been in Japan for six years now, and while Uber Eats and other food delivery companies have been more noticeable than ever recently, Tokyoites never had the choice to simply use the ubiquitous Uber app to call for a ride from anywhere in the world. Of course, all these are rare Uber Black vehicles, but they’re priced higher than the average taxi.

Uber Available in Tokyo
© Photo Of Uber Ride Via Joshua Sexton, CEO Geek Impulse. All Rights Reserved

 Bloomberg reports that Uber has launched its first service in Tokyo. This isn’t ridesharing, though. Instead, it’s offering Uber Taxi through 600 vehicles in the central business district as well as popular city areas like Akihabara, Asakusa and Shinagawa. When I go to Japan I take it to Tokyo Tower and to Shibuya and other locals around Tokyo.

For both Uber and Japanese transportation as a whole this could be significant. Uber has not many major markets left to cover, and this fills a significant void even as after pandemic lockdowns, Tokyo gradually returns to life. This comes on the hill of news that Uber is making a deal to officially buy Postmates for over $2 billion by 2021.

Uber Available in Tokyo
© Photo Of Uber Ride Via Joshua Sexton, CEO Geek Impulse. All Rights Reserved. Blurring is for Japanese Privacy Compliance.

This is especially good news as tourism is almost geared to pick back up in Tokyo. Japan expects a significant increase although their economy was hit hard by the pandemic. With the success of Uber Eats, the company is also optimistic that locals are getting used to the convenience and efficiency of cash-free services.  UberX ride-sharing is still barred. Pictures above are of the Current service which is Uber Black Car. My driver wore white gloves and a Suit. Opened the door for me at my destination and people thought I was some sort of celebrity.

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