Anime Dreams Come True at Universal Studios Japan This Summer 

From Godzilla vs Evangelion to Sailor Moon and One Piece, Universal Studios Japan will have something for every anime lover this summer. Most attractions will be cinematic experiences, but the One Piece attractions include live shows, restaurants, and  water fights with the cast. From May 31st through to August 25th, three cinematic experiences will be available. 

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Attack on Titan: The Real will be a full 3D show on the world’s biggest 3D screen. 50 meters of a Wall Maria reclaim operation, plus a live cast and special effects will surround you for a thrilling 30-minute dive into Eren’s action and titan packed world. More info and tickets available here.

Godzilla vs Evangelion: The Real 4D, is set to be 20-minute 4D show. The Titans will clash over a fortress in Shin-Osaka the 3rd, and visitors will be blown away by the effects and cinematics. Check out the details here

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D is a newer, scaled-up version of the attraction from 2018, with even more sailor Senshi. With about 20 minutes of runtime and magical girl transformations, this is a must for Sailor Moon fans. They even have park-original compact mirrors and popcorn buckets, as well as other Sailor Moon merchandise. More info here.

For the One Piece fans, the three attractions this year are perfect for summer and are looking to be an all-out riot. The One Piece Premium Show and Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant will both run from June 26th to September 29th, 2019. The One Piece Water Battle will have a shorter run, only right in the middle of the hottest period, from July 2nd to September 1st

Are you going to USJ this year? Let us know, send us your pics, and have a water fight for us!

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