Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right. 5 Odd Uses For The Konami Code

Up Down Up Down

The Konami Code Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right is what makes the video game industry a household name.

1 – Making Games Harder

If you are a retro gamer or just love to throw your console controller you are in luck. The Konami Code can make those games you love even harder. Inputting the code during the start menu of Bioshock Infinite will take you to 1999 mode. up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. The BioShock developers warn players that in this mode, the game will not “feel like BioShock”

Up Down Up Down
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2 – Unlock Hidden Games

Remember RuneScape? After defeating Beastmaster Durzag, if you hit the gongs inside the pit of trials in the order of the Konami Code Up Up Down Down etc.., North, North, South, South, West, East, West, East it activated a secret mini-game. A mini-game of volleyball. It was not, however, officially revealed until RuneFest 2015.

3 – Gives you a Gigantic Head or Body

The Classic arcade game Frogger came to Xbox 360 in the year 2006. While in selection mode of the graphically enhanced version for how many players, enter the code and Frogger becomes bigger. In the Frogger hyper arcade edition, it unlocks a contra themed game map.

4 – The Up Up Down Down etc… Code Kills You

Up Down Up Down
© Ubisoft

In Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game the code allows you to sacrifice your own life for a total of $50. The noble Sacrifice can be manipulated if you buy an item such as chewing gum. This saves you from death but gives you the money. Repeat it over and over again for infinite money glitch.

5 – Animal Transformation

In Assassins Creed 3, go to the Davenport Homestead after the 6th sequence, lean against the wall, and whistle. This will cause a turkey to come to you. It is at this point that you enter the Up Up Down Down Konami Code and the turkey will turn into an assassin. Warning though because it will follow you from behind.

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