Hikaru Anime Evangelion Themed MV Was Directed By Creator Hideaki Anno 3.0 Its Spectacular

Utada Hikaru

Hikaru Anime, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time debuted in Japanese theaters on Monday, after years of anticipation and months of coronavirus-related delays. J-pop megastar Utada Hikaru provides the theme song, as she has for each of the Rebuild of Evangelion films, in the form of the brand-new “One More Kiss.” 

Anno readily accepted Hikaru Utada’s offer to make a music video, according to the video’s description on YouTube. He suggested making a video in the best possible way given the current state of the planet. He didn’t direct the video himself; instead, the singer filmed herself and sent the footage to Anno, who cut and assembled it into the final piece. While most of Anno’s work has been in animation, he has directed a few live-action films, most notably Shin Godzilla and Shin Ultraman, which are currently in development.

The New Album Song List by Utada Hikaru Anime 

Utada Hikaru Anime
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It will contain all of Utada Hikaru‘s songs for the ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’ movie series, in addition to the opening track. We also know that “Beautiful World (Da Capo Version),” a recreation of the first theme song “Beautiful World,” will be included. The artist will be releasing a self-cover for the first time. 

  • 01. One Last Kiss 
  • 02. Beautiful World (Da Capo Version) 
  • 03. Beautiful World -2021 Remastered- 
  • 04. Beautiful World (PLANiTb Acoustica Mix) -2021 Remastered- 
  • 05. Sakura Nagashi -2021 Remastered- 
  • 06. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)(2007 MIX)-2021 Remastered- 
  • 07. One Last Kiss (Instrumental) 
  • 08. Beautiful World (Da Capo Version)(Instrumental) 

The outcome of Utada Hikaru’s Song is a whirlwind combination of fond memories, lonely longings, and an eager desire to display and receive love, even if it won’t last forever. The lyrics don’t attempt to deny that the possibility of losing someone is an unavoidable part of loving them, nor do they deny that the pain that comes with a loss would not be possible without the presence of something as precious as love in the first place. 

Utada Hikaru is Just Getting Started 

Utada Hikaru Anime, one of Japan’s most well-known musical artists, will make her TV anime premiere in the upcoming To Your Eternity adaptation of Yoshitoki Oima’s manga series of the same name. For the NHK-produced series, Utada will perform the theme song “PINK BLOOD.” This was confirmed in Comic Natalie. 

To Your Eternity is set to premiere in Japan on April 12 at 10:50 PM on NHK-E for a total of 20 episodes, with a Crunchyroll stream to follow. The series will be produced by Brain’s Base (In/Spectre), with Masahiko Murata (NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals) directing, Shinzo Fujita (Future Card Buddyfight X) in charge of series composition, and Koji Yabuno (Space Brothers) in command of character design.] 

To Your Eternity Synopsis: 

Utada Hikaru

A mystical immortal soul with no feelings or identity is sent to Earth. It can, however, take the form of those around it who have a strong impetus. It seems to be a sphere at first. Then it takes on the shape of a rock. It inherits the moss as the temperature drops and snow falls on top of it. When an injured lone wolf limps by and lies down to die, it assumes the animal’s form. 

It eventually regains consciousness and begins traversing the barren tundra until it encounters a child. The boy lives alone in a ghost town that the adults deserted long ago in search of the fabled paradise that lies beyond the endless sea of white tundra. 

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