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Valorant Tracker: The trailer for VALORANT’s 19th agent, Neon, a strong, fast-paced Duelist, was just unveiled. Neon, who hails from the Philippines, appears to be a replacement for Jett, who was formerly the game’s lone speedster. Are you curious about Neon’s position? Don’t fret, we’ve collected a whole breakdown of her introduction as well as all of her skills listed here.

Neon, the forthcoming Filipino Valorant Agent, has been formally revealed by Riot Games, and she is portrayed by Vanille Velasquez, a Filipino voice actor.

Valorant Tracker – Agent Neon

Valorant Tracker
Neon in ‘Super Saiyan’ Style Mode. | © by Riot Games / Valorant Tracker

Velasquez is also renowned for her parts in the Filipino version of Pandora in the Crimson Shell and the PBS animated series Jelly, Ben & Pogo. Riot also gave us our first glimpse at the new Valorant agent, in addition to revealing the voice actor for Neon. Neon is a Manila-born agent who will debut in Episode 4: Disruption, per the teaser. In terms of her talents, she appears to have electricity-based skills. While Riot has yet to reveal all of her abilities, judging by the teaser, we can anticipate her to have a quick run and the ability to slip to catch unfortunate agents off guard.

She and Jett appear to have more in common than just their speed; they’re also likely to be among the roster’s youngest players. Jett, on the other hand, is restless and a touch nasty. These two will either get along swimmingly or be at odds with each other. Between her hair to the lightning crackling off her skin, Neon’s style is defined by a blue-and-yellow color scheme, recalling the feelings of cherished classic video game character. You can see more at the trailer below.

Valorant Tracker

Neon also possesses a throwable ability that bounces like Yoru’s Blindside and strikes with a comparable area of impact as KAY/O’s FRAG/ment as seen in the trailer. Individuals caught inside this ability gets concussed at the instant of impact. We are unsure if it causes any serious harm in addition to the concussion. Behind Breach, Cypher, Skye, and Astra, Neon is the fifth agent to have a concussion ability. By bouncing this ability off a wall, Neon can skew it, which could lead to some intriguing plays and boost her usefulness as an entry fragger.

The final normal ability of Neon is a pair of Phoenix barriers. It’s unknown whether the barriers will harm others, and they’re doubtful to cure Neon in the same way that Phoenix’s capabilities do. However, it blocks both sides’ sightlines and creates a handy small tunnel that a team can surge through before their adversary’s blink.

Valorant Tracker
© Riot Games / Valorant Tracker

The disadvantage of this double wall is that if everyone on the squad chooses to go through it simultaneously, they will all be squeezed into the same place. Finally, Neon’s ultimate ability enables her to illuminate all over and grants her access to a never-before-seen finger pistol. Essentially, she has the ability to blast lightning from her fingertips. It’s questionable if the lightning would be a prolonged, pinpoint-accurate beam or if it will lock on to certain targets.

When VALORANT Episode 4: Disruption premieres, Neon is set to make an appearance. The specific date has yet to be disclosed, however given that Episode 3 Act 3 ended on January 11, it’s likely that Episode 4 will begin the following day. Follow us for more Valorant Tracker information.

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