Vampy Bit Me, Words Were Exchanged, Life Went On

Linda Le ( Vampy Bit Me ) is a cosplayer originally from a small town in Oklahoma, who now resides in California. She was discovered by Japanese company Kotobukiya and featured in OTACOOL 2 by Danny Choo. Her costumes gained worldwide attention after being featured on She has also worked with Capcom, Bandai, DC, various game companies, and was even featured on’s 24 Hours With… series. We had the chance to interview her. No one was bit during the digital interview.

Joshua Sexton (VS) – – Have you ever randomly been recognized when you didn’t expect it and what was that like for you?

Linda Le Vampy Bit Me (VBM) – – I would have to say when I’m buying groceries! I don’t really get to leave my house much but when  I do, I see a lot of people in Trader Joe’s or supermarkets! I have to say it’s pretty fun because we end up looking at each other’s cart at the end of it and I end up with a bunch of food I didn’t know I needed because of their recommendations. It’s really cute actually!

VS – – Over your career what has been the most impactful experience you have had that nothing else has compared to?

VBM – – The most impactful experience during my whole career has been acceptance from my Mom and Dad of my very unusual job I have chosen for my life. They don’t like it but they realize that it’s my passion and they have learned to accept it. Now my Mom calls me asking about my work so that is really an achievement in itself! 

VS – – Being as accomplished as you are, what is your advice for those who want to make a way for themselves that you wish you knew early on?

VBM – – I would say trusting your gut instinct and never selling yourself short on your beliefs and why you, yourself do things. I’m a firm believer in paving your own way, slowly, and not rushing. You want to be proud of your work, and even if what you do doesn’t get recognized for it, at the end of the day you still did what you wanted how you wanted to. That’s gold to me. 

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