Harry Potter Vans Lexicon 6 Van’s Teases Spellbinding Harry Potter-themed Merch Beware At Ease

Harry Potter Vans Accio!

It has been a trend as of late in the shoe industry to make pop culture-themed kicks. We saw this we Dragon Ball, We saw this with Game of Thrones and more recently with Avengers. Vans has always been one of the most consistent conveyors of pop culture. They have designed shoes inspired by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Disney, NASA and of course Marvel. Seems like a geeks dream. Well, why haven’t there been any Harry Potter ones? Well, it would seem that is about to change as Vans has hinted at a new shoe design coming soon.

You may be getting super excited right now about Harry Potter Vans, but calm down if you will for just a second. There still is no concrete confirmation yet that Harry Potter Vans is indeed happening. No definitive word on a for sure Harry Potter inspired shoe. There was, however, a tease from the company themselves. About a week ago on Twitter claiming that fans should keep an eye out for something wizarding.

SERIOUS WARNING: Any readers who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy may want to avoid activating the tweet below.

When visiting the Vans’ website, a would-be Galleon spender is invited to enter their email addresses to receive updates about the soon to be “magical collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories for witches, wizards, and Muggles alike.”

To further the fire of design speculation, the page’s background features the colors and mascots for each of the Hogwarts houses — for Gryffindor, a lion; Ravenclaw, an eagle; Hufflepuff, a badger; and Slytherin, a snake — as well as several other names. All of these details clearly provide clues as to what aesthetic we can expect and what will possibly be implemented into the design. I personally am not a huge fan of Van’s although I have a pair, I am definitely a fan of Harry Potter.

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