Vikings Valhalla – Review of Season 1. This is a Show that is unique and exciting from beginning to end

Vikings Valhalla

“Vikings Valhalla,” a spinoff of the History Channel smash hit “Vikings,” is an immense and expansive enterprise – and it’s smart enough to start modestly, with two intertwined tales of plain old-fashioned vengeance.

Vikings Valhalla – its Good

Vikings Valhalla
Vikings Valhalla. (L to R) Leo Suter as Harald, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Olaf in episode 101 of Vikings Valhalla. Cr. Patrick Redmond/Netflix © 2021

Right off the bat, I will say that I have grown to highly enjoy this show. It has all the proper elements to reel you in, without too many plot holes. As we should know, this series, as well as its predecessor, are loosely based on actual history in the Viking Sagas. Netflix hit another one out of the park with this one, all puns intended. With the cliff that this series left me hanging on, I can’t wait for the second season to be released.

This Vikings Valhalla series follows our protagonist Leif Erikson, who is the son of Erik the Red. If you know history, or followed History Channel’s Vikings, you should know Erik and why he went to Greenland. This series follows Leif on his journey before he accidently discovered newfoundland in Canada. The basic story arc is Leif making a name for himself, to rid him of the stigma of his father’s namesake. Though that is a short-lived part of the plot. Other characters are King Canute, King Edmond, King Forkbeard to name a few. All can be found in history if you care to search them out.

The visuals for this Vikings Valhalla are beautiful. I have always enjoyed seeing the lush green countryside that you can find in movies or series in our past. Mix this with the oceans, and you have a great scene. Most of the clothes and weapons fit the period. Of course, you always have some things that are artistic creation, like the sword carried by the cross. There is also a plethora of fight scenes to keep your eyes glued to the screen, and they are choreographed well.

This story of Vikings Valhalla begins on an event known as the St. Brice’s day massacre, where the Saxons killed all the Vikings in their land. Of course, this does not suit King Canute well. He assembles his army from across the Viking world. It is with their arrival that we get one of the most integral parts of the show, the battle between the Pegan and the Christian clans. This will continue throughout the series and lead to our final showdown. The same one that left me on the cliff mentioned above.

There are plenty of plot twists, but it does great for Character development. We even see the changes in some of the supporting roles in the show. I also advise you not to get too fond of any of the characters, as they may come and go. I have also learned you need to put a little trust in some of these characteristics.

Leif and Freydis, his sister, have some of the better plots in this series. They begin their journey looking for revenge. Freydis gets her revenge, but Leif is forced to help King Canute to save his sister’s life. He travels to London to help the battle. He produces the biggest part of the plan to seize the city, by destroying their bridge. I wonder if this is where we get the nursery rhyme London bridges falling. This gains him a great reputation amongst his counterparts.

The other great part of it is we get to see how King Canute becomes the full King of England. This is part of the artistic expression the writers get to play with in history, as even King Edmund’s exact death is not known in history. Here, he dies from betrayal by one of his more loyal advisors, who kills him via a horse race, waiting until you see how that plays out.

Vikings Valhalla

Through the series, we begin to see Leif’s journey to converting to Christianity. His sister ingrains herself deeper as a Pegan. She becomes the last, after she visits their religious city and visits her gods in person. This journey has her train to become a full warrior for Kattegat. She now must face Jarl Kare, to see who the real cross is who holds the sword. This leads to the biggest battle in the series so far, which is when Jarl Kare and Olaf try and take over the city of Kattegat. They would have succeeded if it weren’t for King Forkbeard outsmarting all the traitors.

When Canute takes the thrown of England, he does so with Kind Edmund by his side as a secondary King. That is of course until King Edmunds premature death. When Canute’s wife finds out he has taken a second wife, and she will only be queen of Denmark, she makes her move. Stealing the fleet of Canute and going to England to take her second throne. This part of the story is intriguing and adds another storyline to keep you focused on the show. She has plotted with Olaf, who is King of Norway.

He is also the one storming Kattegat, thinking he has won the city. This is when King Forkbeard appears on the shores of Kattegat. His whole clan then retreats and so does he, like the coward he is. During this ultimate battle, Leif loses a loved one, and we see him begin to become a Berserker. That is where the show ends, and the wait for the second season begins. Thank you for reading my review of Vikings: Valhalla, until next time.

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