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The company MyDearest has announced that it will be launching  Kickstarter campaign for their Virtual Reality Mystery Game. The came is named Tokyo Chronos. The developer will be at Anime Expo 2018. They are said to have a playable demo for attendees. Geek Impulse will be covering the event as official press. Perhaps The team at Anime Expo can get their hands on it. It is said that they will also be holding a discussion panel as well.



Here is their official twitter if you all want to follow them:




Here’s some additional information about the title, which is being developed in collaboration with Sekai Project:



A virtual reality mystery visual novel developed by a team of amazing creators.

Characters come to life, right before your eyes. The mystery gradually unfolds in this suspenseful story set in an enigmatic world. A completely new Visual Novel UI optimized for VR. A stereophonic sound system that will transport you into the story. This is a title that allows you to fully dive into the world of the game, a visual novel experience like never before.


  • Director: Haruki Kashiwakura (Motion Director of Expelled from Paradise)
  • Scriptwriter: Kou Segawa (Mystery Writer, Konya, Kimi ni Korosareta to shitemo)
  • Producer: Kazuma Miki (Editor / Producer of Sword Art Online)
  • Character Designer: LAM (Illustrator)
  • Publisher: Sekai Project (Overseas Publisher for Clannad and Nekopara)
  • Promotional Consultant: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.


The discussion panel will be held on July 7 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm PT.  As mentioned, the Playable demo will be available at the Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall booth 4418. Be sure to head over there and get your hands on it. 

Tokyo Chronos is expected to launch early next year for PS VR, Oculus Go, Rift, and SteamVR.







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