Horror Geeks — Peep This! A Virtual Tour of Paris Catacombes

As someone who enjoys the horror genre, I was thoroughly pleasured while sipping my coffee at a cafe in Montparnasse. Yes, I just admitted that. I mean, beneath my feet lie the human remains of over 6 million Parisians. Though they call it the City of Light and Love, it can also be called the city of death. Perhaps that last statement is a bit much, but you get the idea. Now enter the ability of a Virtual Tour of Paris Catacombes and I can almost relive that day and you can too.

Virtual Tour of Paris Catacombs Geek Impulse

In the late eighteenth century, when major public health problems tied to the city’s cemeteries led to a decision to transfer their contents to an underground site. Paris authorities chose an easily accessible site that was, at the time, located outside the capital: the former Tombe-Issoire quarries under the Plain of Montrouge. The first evacuations were made from 1785 to 1787 and concerned the largest cemetery in Paris, the Saints-Innocents cemetery.

The site was consecrated as the ‘Paris Municipal Ossuary’ on April 7, 1786, and, from that time forward, took on the mythical name of ‘Catacombs’, in reference to the Roman catacombs, which had fascinated the public since their discovery. Starting in 1809, the Catacombs were opened to the public by appointment.

Catacombes De Paris

There are more than 3,000km of tunnels running beneath the Left Bank, but probably the creepiest of all has to be the Alcôve de l’Ossuaire. Here lies the bones of Revolutionary leaders Jean-Paul Marat, Maximilien Robespierre and associates. If you are looking to take the Virtual Tour of Paris Catacombes, wait no more fam, Just click here.

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