Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai Spotted “Drowning” Horrifically in Tokyo Bay

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Creating a Kazuna Ai Ita-bus may sound like a great marketing idea. Perhaps not so much if it is also an aqua bus.

Comiket Winter 2018 which is Japan’s largest gathering for the dojinshi manga and anime art creators, during which the Tokyo bus operator Sky Bus had an idea. They decided to have some of its busses run in the area surrounding Comiket’s venue. It was held at the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center. So it seems like an opportunity to plaster some of its buses with gigantic graphics of Kizuna Ai. She is Japan’s most popular virtual YouTuber and is a beloved idol in the Otaku Community.

Just like that the Kizuna Ai Ita-buses were erected. One featured Ai with a sophisticated smile, but the real treat for fans was the one showed her in her most commonly seen mood, as she energetically waves and calls out in greeting.

While it may not seem like such a problem, once the buses hit the water the fans in Tokyo were in for a surprise. It seemed as though their favorite Idol was drowning. While it may have been an honest mistake, a few Twitter users have voiced their suspicion that the “drowning Ai” bus was designed that way on purpose, with planners envisioning in advance how it would look like Ai was in peril as she made her way about Tokyo Bay.  

So was it really designed this way? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.





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Sources: Via Hachima Kiko

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