Voice Actress, Singer Nana Mizuki Is Getting Married!

Nana Mizuki shared news today on her blog that will make some fanboys cry, but also happy, She is getting married.
Translation (May Not Be 100% Accurately Translated)

I’m very sorry for making a personal announcement during these difficult times. Since we have been together for quite some time, yesterday I have married someone in the music industry.

I am forty years old and celebrated the 20th anniversary of my music debut, and I still look forward to more opportunities in the future, but I also want to cherish my ordinary everyday life, so thanks to the lovely name my father gave me, it led me to decide to get married this July.

It is a bit rushed, but to everyone who always supports me with their exceptional love, I will continue to give it my all; I want to share my voice and music with all my strength, and I hope you will warmly keep watching over me.

Nana Mizuki is a well known singer and voice actress who impressed with costumes that fans come to expect be a part of her own concerts. For the 1997 relationship simulation game NOeL she made her voice-acting debut. Her singles, albums, and Blu-ray Discs have topped the ranking charts of Oricon. Mizuki’s anime roles include Naruto’s Hinata Hyūga, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Fate Testarossa, Minami-ke’s Tōma Minami, WWW.WAGNARIA!!’s Kisaki Kondō, and Symphogear’s Tsubasa Kazanari.

A big congratulations to the couple and we at Geek Impulse Wish them a successful and fruitful marriage.

Sources:  Oricon

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