Volkswagen Shows Off Its Type 20 Electric Concept (Geek Stats Inside)

Volkswagen Type 20 Electric COncept Geek Impulse

Volkswagen Type 20 Electric Concept! We Need This!!! Below is a slide show and video of the vehicle in action.

Automakers celebrate car anniversaries of the models first release. They do this with special concepts. VW has done that and in a big way. They released their updated version of the Volkswagen Bus as the Type 20 Electric Concept vehicle. It is a replica of the 1962 version. Instead of a standard engine, this baby runs on batteries for its electric motors.

The design is obviously retro. If you look deeper into the details you will see some really cools additions. The mirror stalks, wheels, seats, and the steering wheel. The whole reason for these design modifications is to decrease the weight of the vehicle while maintaining its muscle. The pneumatic suspension was designed by Porsche and allows for adjustable ride height.

  • Type 20 concept vehicle 9990
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 9991
  • Volkswagen Type 20 Electric COncept Geek Impulse
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 9993
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 9994
  • Volkswagen Type 20 Electric COncept Geek Impulse
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 9996
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 9997
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 9998
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 10010
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 10012
  • Type 20 concept vehicle 10013
  • Volkswagen Type 20 Electric COncept Geek Impulse

What can you find in the vehicle?

Experimenting with biometric vehicle access, the Type 20 includes a real-time facial recognition system integrated with the digital assistant to enroll and identify users. The system leverages a 720p wide-angle camera integrated into the drivers-side second window.  The recognition is done via the Sensory SDK, running in real-time on an Nvidia Jetson TX2 prototyping package.

Volkswagen AG

A Looking Glass II holographic display is integrated into the Type 20’s dashboard, generating 3D images without the need for specialized glasses.

“We are excited to move into our next chapter as the IECC, to continue designing innovations that will bring the Volkswagen Group vehicles into the future with cutting-edge technology,” said Nikolai Reimer, Senior Vice President of the IECC. “The Type 20 Electric Concept is a fantastic example of how we celebrate our heritage while striving to advance our technology.”

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