Voltes V Legacy Live-Action Series Trailer Debuts on Philippines’ GMA-7 Network Awesome

Voltes V Legacy

Voltes V Legacy Video teases volt-in sequence, Ultraelectromagnetic Sword attack

Philippine television network GMA-7 started broadcasting a preview trailer for Voltes V Legacy on Thursday, a live-action reboot of the classic Voltes V mecha anime. The video teases the titular mecha’s “volt-in” sequence and also teases the famous “Tenkūken” (‘Laser Sword’ in the Philippines) assault. GMA-7 has not yet announced the release date of the season.

GMA-7 obtained the license through Telesuccess Productions, Toei’s Philippine licensing firm.

Voltes V Legacy

The original anime series follows five young pilots, each in command of a machine that can combine together to form the titular fighting mecha Voltes V. Using the robot, the pilots slowly beat back the alien invasion of Earth by the Boazanians, who are led by the mighty Prince Heinell.

Voltes V (Chō Denji Machine Voltes V) was first broadcast in the Philippines on GMA-7 with an English dub in 1978. With just five episodes left in the Voltes V airing, then-Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos forbade Voltes V and other anime airing on television due to “excessive violence.” In 1986, after Marcos was ousted, PTV-4 started broadcasting both series again.

Voltes V was later aired on ABS-CBN in 1986 and on IBC-13 in 1989. (which dubbed the first 11 episodes in Tagalog). In 1999, GMA-7 aired Voltes V again with a Tagalog dub. HERO TV also aired Voltes V’s tagalog re-dub in 2005. GMA-7 has recently aired a redubbed episode in 2017. Telesuccess Productions owns the Philippine license for Voltes V.

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