Wanna View Your Own Funeral? With This Wild Virtual Reality Game You Can!



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I have written things personally on Virtual Reality (VR) as well as Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These will be big business in the future and are already gaining momentum as we speak. WE see Augmented Reality being used with social media such as Snapchat and with gaming such as Pokémon Go and the upcoming Ghost Busters game which allows you to hunt ghost which you can find that article here.



As the video above suggests, you can now witness through the magic of VR, your own funeral.  The good people at the company Wonderful Motion is hosting a video that puts players in the perspective of the deceased. Users wear VR goggles and go through the motions of funeral preparation, from being placed inside a dark coffin, transportation to the funeral site, make-up application, and finally display before mourners.
We have been introduced to many kinds of Virtual Reality Games such as observing your favorite anime voice actors practice sessions, visiting an Onsen with your favorite anime character and diving into the world Rick and Morty. I guess now its time for those of us who are curious, to see what it would be like to observe your own funeral.



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