Watch: GFRIEND Apple Captivates 3x During Alluring MV

GFRIEND Apple Get The Internet Stans Excited

“Apple,” a pop track with a futuristic and trendy sound, portrays a girl wavering in front of the temptation, while being frank and assured about her wishes. The lyrics for the song were composed and written by Bang Si Hyuk, Pdogg, FRANTS, and members Eunha and Yuju.

During an interview, the group talks about the transformation we see playing out in the video is described as “Apple” is set to transform GFRIEND into “refreshing witches.” GFRIEND Apple is a pop track with a retro and trendy sound, blending in vocal chops that recall a siren ‘s song. Yuju and Eunha took part in the making of the album, which will have an addictive melody and lyrics that represent a girl wavering in the face of temptation, but who is also honest and positive about her desires.

 We’ve been thinking about the need for a change for a while. Although we’ve continued to grow and change till now, we didn’t want a small change this time, we wanted something that people would feel was ‘new’ from us.” She continued to explain, “In the process of us and our agency talking about the new album, we all agreed that it was time for change. We’ve been worried about how this new look might surprise our fans, but we worked hard because we want to show that we’re a team with various different sides to us.

Sowon GFRIEND Apple
GFRIEND Apple Music Video
Watch: GFRIEND Apple Captivates 3x During Alluring MV 2

We’ve always been open to the idea of change. Not only externally in terms of our appearance, but our participation in the music making process as well. I think that’s the biggest change we’ve gone through,” and “Because we’re going through such a big change for this album, we really thought a lot about the details of how to interpret to songs and how to express ourselves through our choreography.


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