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Japan’s biggest kabuki star becomes Kylo Ren and if you scroll down, you can watch the whole theatre play here.

Star Wars Kabuki Geek Impulse
© The Kabuki adaptation of Star Wars. Photograph: Disney Studio

For one night only, Press and VIP and those lucky enough to get tickets to the event, got a one of a kind show like never before and it was Japanese style, a Star Wars Japanese Play that is. It was held of course at the Meguro Persimmon Hall in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward. We do not think George Lucas himself ever fathomed that his beloved films would ever be adapted into Kabuki theatre. It was bound to happen since his 1977 film, retroactively subtitled A New Hope, has inspired cinematic sequels, TV specials, animated spin-offs, novels, comic books, video games. November 28th, 2019, though was a day for the history books.

The producer for this one of a kind event recruited the legendary Ichikawa Ebizo, Japan’s most popular and celebrated kabuki actor in modern times. He played the lead role of Kylo Ren in Star Wars Kairennosuke and the Three Shining Swords.

The play was split into three acts: “A Sword to My Father,” “A Sword to My Master,” and “A Sword to My Teacher,” this was done in order to give a more distinct classical Japanese sound to them, Star Wars’ heroes and villains had their names slightly altered as well which you can find below:

  • Kylo Ren ( Kairennosuke 魁連之助 )
  • Luke ( Ruku 琉空 )
  • Leia ( Reian 澪殷 )
  • Han Solo ( Hanzo 半蔵 )
  • Rey ( Reina 麗那 )
  • Snoke ( Sunokaku 敷能角 )
  • Admiral Holdo ( Amiri 愛深理 )
  • Jedi ( Judai 壽臺 )
  • First Order ( Oda-gun 旺拿軍 )

Though it is not in English or has English subtitles, we hope you enjoyed the video of the play. Star Wars Kairennosuke and the Three Shining Swords was something that leaves a lasting impact on those who have seen it. We hope this play somehow becomes cannon since it did take from the films. To recap the movies in this way is truly creative and inspiring.

Sources: Disney, DRTimes, NHK

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