Watch Tokyo’s Cirque Du Soleil Show Free Right Here

If catching a captivating Cirque Du Soleil show is on you bucket list, you are in luck. You can watch Tokyo’s Cirque Du Soleil Show Free. Normally you would have to wait till you visit a city that has one or if one ever comes to your town. For better or worse, staying at home has a few perks. To keep you amused the company has made their shows available online. The shows available to watch on Cirque Connect, the company’s dedicated website, include ‘Zed’ which was produced exclusively for Tokyo. You can now also stream the show for free on YouTube.

‘Zed’ debuted in 2008 at Tokyo Disney Resort and continued until December 2011. The series was influenced by the tarot cards and their Various Arcana, with characters from the tarot deck portraying The Fool, the Sorcerer, the Devil and other figures. Cirque is typical of integrating celestial themes into their performances, but this particular production, which unites the supernatural beings of the earth and the sky is especially fitting for the magic overtones of the Tokyo Disney Resort.

At Cirque du Soleil, we offer an escape from everyday life through the delight and whimsy of our shows. Now more than ever, we want to do our little part to spread joy, even from afar, directly to your safe spaces. Let us welcome you into our world where awe-inspiring show footage and fan favorite videos will transport you. Just for you, from us. Enjoy!

Accompanied by René Dupéré’s music, the series features a host of captivating performances that you never knew were humanly possible. While you may not be sitting like the crowd under the high wire, the distance between the ground and some of the performers will have your mouth dropping as trapeze artists and acrobats swing gracefully through the air.

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